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By placing such a significant focus of our company’s direction towards a complete dedication to our clientele and their vision, we have become much more than a "run-of-the-mill" middleman between the warehouse and our clients. Ensuring our customer’s absolute satisfaction is our primary goal - and that usually entails direct involvement from the client working with our world-class designers to create a cabinet design that breathes life into their vision. We use only the choicest of materials and assembly techniques throughout the entire design and installation process, thus guaranteeing our clients are absolutely delighted with their custom cabinets. Having been tutored under some of the finest woodworkers and artisans to ever wield a hammer with nails, our Amish roots provided us with a tremendous advantage in fundamental working essentials. As our understanding of styles, sizes, composition, materials, wood types, designs, genres, and ornate/retro features & modern/contemporary innovations was honed to the point of mastery, it emboldened us to share these talents with our neighboring communities in Stevens County, WA and beyond!

Custom Cabinet Designs

To honestly claim that something is truly customized, whether it’s a classic car restoration or a complete upgrade to a home’s storage system, it needs to meet *three crucial points of standard*, and customized cabinets are no exception to the rule. Here at Quality Kitchen Cabinetry, we've embraced the process of meeting with our clients and getting as involved with their project as possible to ensure that their cabinetry is not only affordable and aesthetically pleasing but also is designed and installed with longevity in mind!

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*Professional Designs*


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*Choice Materials*

~Natural Wood~

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*Expert Installation*


Quality Cabinetry You Can TRUST

For example, if a cabinet company is hired to customize an entire pantry or kitchen complete with custom designed cabinetry but they opt to cut corners on the quality of materials, it’s very likely to work out in the client’s favor. More often than not, the recipient of those customized cabinets will inevitably be forced to finance the repairs, upgrades, or replacements that are a direct result of unscrupulous or negligent business practice(s). With that in mind, we are staunch in our commitment to ensuring any custom cabinet projects we undertake not only pass any visual tests, but they will stand the tests of time as well!


Custom Cabinet Installations

With the diversity of our custom designed cabinets matching the variety of our clients themselves, it’s always been noticeably apparent that the cabinet installation process needs to be prompt yet also flexible, in order to cater to each customer and their schedule. Furthermore, with our experience and familiarity with the construction industry in general, we are often tasked with installing our custom cabinets as part of a more extensive home renovation or remodel. What that usually involves is our professional installation teams are working in sync with other contractors that are affecting other services on the home to ensure, overall, that the project progresses and finalizes with minimal delays or mishaps.

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Site Assessment

~Meet & Greet~
~Professional Mapping~
~Installation Scheduling~

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Material Selection

~Quality Wood~

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Replacement & Installation

~Expert Crafstmanship~

With A Quality Kitchen Cabinetry Expert On Hand, The End Result Speaks For Itself!

Being a locally owned and operated custom cabinet making company, we are not only familiar with local or outlying supply manufacturers, such as lumber mills and fabricating shops, but we are also able to procure the best possible materials, tools, and supplies available. Additionally, if our client’s custom cabinetry requires alluring or exotic materials, we are well-accustomed to locating and obtaining even the rarest of woods or lumber.


Cabinet Styles, Types & More!

With the rising popularity in property (commercial, residential, industrial) upgrades and updates reaching unheard of heights, it’s essential to recruit a company that well-blended in versatility when it comes to cabinet styles, genres, and appearance. Whether you’re seeking to draw inspiration for your custom cabinetry or already have a custom cabinet design idea in mind and are exploring refinement options, our leading cabinet makers at Quality Kitchen Cabinetry are available for professional assistance at your earliest convenience.


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Modern Cabinets

One of the best possible ways to increase the appeal and value of your home is through an upgrade of your cabinetry. Having modernized cabinets upgraded or customized for your home can set the tone for a brand-new kitchen or bathroom, while also inviting high praise from prospective buyers if you decide to list your home as “for sale” on the open market. If you’re considering a reinvestment into your home, modern cabinetry is often the smartest and most economical choice for several homeowners in Stevens County, WA. Taking it even one step further and making the best decision is enlisting the help of our experts here at Quality Kitchen Cabinetry to help you select & design custom, luxury kitchen cabinets in Springdale, WA.

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European Cabinets

For our clients ranging from Springdale, WA to Spokane, there are very few things that are able to match the luxury and elegance of European style cabinets in your home. The simplicity and elegance of the European design of these cabinets can breathe new life to your kitchen with a subtle appeal that is in high demand amongst our commercial and residential clientele. Accentuating the natural grain of the wood adds a marked sense of refinement that is only amplified, but it’s muted design. When flawlessly designed, constructed, and finally installed, these ornate cabinets will add years of revitalization to your family’s home as well as boosts the overall monetary value of the house as well.

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Traditional Cabinets

The age-old adage of “If it isn’t broken, do not fix it” certainly rings loud and accurate when it comes to narrowing down what style or design for your custom cabinet is best suited to install to improve a home’s all-around value. Frequently, favoring the traditional style for your cabinetry is the best choice because of its classical charm as well as it’s material and design versatility. Paying homage to our Amish upbringing and ancestry, we place the quality and durability of our work as the center of our design and installation principles. Traditional cabinetry is mostly ornately stunning, with robust molding options and regal finishing choices that can’t help but make it the centerpiece in any room. If you are seeking to make a bold and sophisticated statement with a commanding design element, a traditional custom cabinet designed through our masterful designers at Quality Kitchen Cabinetry is the wisest decision.