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About Quality Kitchen Cabinetry

Custom Kitchen Cabinets

At Quality Kitchen Cabinetry, our primary product is, custom kitchen cabinets… but first let's introduce ourselves and share briefly who we are, and why we believe you should consider us as your source of all your woodworking needs. As owners of this business, we are Kenneth and Katie Helmuth: we are new to Washington State but certainly not knew to the woodworking industry, or to the business world in general. Our roots are in the midwest, Indiana/Illinois and then later in Missouri/Iowa and then Michigan, before moving overseas to New Zealand, coming back to Michigan and then in 2014 settling in WA. We were both born into an old order Amish setting in the early 60s into farming families, however my family (Kenneth) was also a woodworking family. I (Kenneth) entered the work force at the age of 13, having completed 8th grade education. From then (1977) till the present, I’ve always been engaged in carpentry/and finish woodworking, along with other businesses. For ten years we did very high-end cabinetry in central Illinois., our main customer base being Chicago, IL., in 2001 we left the Old order Amish culture/lifestyle and moved to Michigan. And started a construction business. So now in 2016-2017, we are again entering the cabinetry and millwork phase of woodworking.

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Services

Our Cabinets

  • Our cabinet face frames are dowelled and glued together.
  • Our plywood we do use is a laminated/veneered furniture grade plywood.
  • Our drawer boxes are dovetailed, glued, and pinned together.
  • Our tops, bottoms, ends and partitions are dadoed, glued, and pinned together.
  • Our shelving can be either adjustable, fixed or as roll-out shelves.
  • Our finishes are a 2 coat process using catalyzed varnish-very durable.

We offer delivery and installation of all our products, pricing being based on the distance being travelled from our facility to the products destination. For warranty purposes we highly recommend that you hire us to install our products. We believe in our many years of experience and the tens of millions of dollars worth of cabinets produced, (Equating to thousands of cabinet jobs) would inspire you to pick up the phone and give us a call. We would like to do business with you. From the Staff and Crew of Quality Kitchen Cabinetry