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About Quality Kitchen Cabinetry

Bath Vanities

At Quality Kitchen Cabinetry, we offer more than just the cabinets for your kitchen area. Your bathroom needs vanities for the sink areas, and what about wall mounted cabinets with mirror doors, linen and towel closets, decorative wood panels for your lights above the mirror doors, open shelving units/trim and more:

If you can dream it, we can design and manufacture it, if you can’t dream it, we’ll even dream it for you by way of designing various options you can choose from.

Our products for your bathroom follow the same standard of high quality products and workmanship as you’ll find in our Kitchen Cabinets. All face frames, doors, drawer boxes, and raised panel ends are always built of solid wood materials, no particle board/chipboard or what we like to think of as standing “sawdust”, that will begin to disintegrate with a few exposures to water, or at the least will begin to swell and warp. Where we do use any plywoods, such as for the backs, bottoms and tops, and in some cases the ends, we use a laminated and veneered furniture grade plywood of the highest quality.

For our face frames, we use wood dowells and glue for an extremely strong and lasting/durable front to your cabinet. The ends, tops, and bottoms, are dadoed, glued, and pinned to the face frame for the highest possible strength.

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Services

We use Quality Materials

Our drawer boxes for the cabinets are built from 1/2” thick solid wood material, (usually hard maple), these sides and ends are dovetailed together with the dovetails being glued and pinned also. The bottoms are furniture grade plywood that is dadoed, glued and pinned into the sides and fronts; the drawer boxes are then mounted within the cabinets using a self closing/soft closing metal drawer track system, that mounts underneath the box with an easy; quick attach/detach system. The tracks are rated for a 100 lb. load. The best on the market.

For the shelving you have basically three principle options; you can ask for our adjustable shelves, with either predrilled holes in the sides of the cabinets and metal shelf rests, or we can use metal standards and clips for your vertical adjustments, the second option is to have your shelves as fixed shelves, where they are dadoed, glued, and pinned in place. Your 3rd option is to have the shelves as a roll-out shelf with solid wood sides (up to 3” in height) that are dadoed, glued, dovetailed, and pinned together just like our drawer boxes for the cabinets.

The Finish on all of our Wood Product’s

We are using a catalyzed varnish that is very water resistant. We spray one coat on, then buff it to a smooth finish and then apply a second coat as the finish coat. We believe our standard of quality, service, and pricing, gives you all the reason you need to give us a call and allow us to partner with you in creating a beautiful, and functional bathroom that will be there for many years. From the staff and work crew of Quality Kitchen Cabinetry